Guide To The Different Types of Hangers

You may not realize it, but the types of hangers that you use are very important — especially if you want to take good care of your clothing! They also go a long way towards keeping your closet neat and organized. When you take the time to consider the different types of clothing hangers, you’ll soon discover that there are different varieties for every sort of clothing. 

We all know how important it is to avoid the dreaded wire hanger (they’ll ruin your clothes), but do you know all of the different types of clothes hangers out there? In this guide, we’re breaking them down by material, and we’ll also share some information about the different styles. Let’s dive in!

Types of Hangers #1: Luxe Wood

Luxe wood is one of our favorite types of hangers. Not only do they look high-end, but they are also the best material for your clothing. You won’t have to worry about opening your closet only to find your threads in a heap on the floor. Luxe wood hangers will hold onto your clothing. 

We offer three types of luxe wood hangers: Premiere Luxe, Sueded Luxe, and Slim Luxe. Premiere Luxe is, of course, our best-quality wooden hanger. They are crafted from premium solid wood and are available in 5 color combinations. Use them for your coats, suits, and jackets to keep your best items in top condition.

Looking for something even more secure? Consider our Sueded Luxe line of hangers. They’re made of solid wood and are covered with a soft suede-like finish. They come in black and white so that you can match them to your closet’s decor. They also feature a ½-inch profile that will hold and protect your most expensive pieces safe.

Finally, if you’re working with a small closet, you may want to use our Slim Luxe hangers. They are also made of solid wood and are thinner than our other luxe wood hangers, at just ¼ inch wide. You can choose from 5 color combinations. They are also retail grade and will last a lifetime!

We also have monogramming available for all of our Premiere Luxe Wood hangers. Make your closet your own by getting your initials etched onto your hangers, or give them as a fun, personalized gift!

Types of Clothing Hangers #2: Slim Plastic

If you’re on a tighter budget, you should consider our Slim Plastic hangers! They cost about the same as a large iced coffee, so they won’t break the bank. We offer 3 different styles: hangers for tops, coats, and even an option that has clips for pants or skirts. 

Don’t let the slim size fool you — these types of clothing hangers are thin yet strong. This is another great option if you have a small closet or a portable closet. They are just ⅛ inch wide and also have a non-slip rubberized shoulder. Just like our wooden hangers, you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe falling off in the middle of the night. If you’re worried about matching your hangers to the rest of your deco, they come in 5 stylish color combinations. Our tip? Go for hot pink if you like to be bold, and navy blue if you want to keep things chic!

Types of Clothes Hangers #3: Faux Wood

Finally, if you’re looking for a price point in between our Premiere Luxe and Slim Plastic types of clothes hangers, try our line of Faux Wood hangers! They are made from premium plastic that features a faux wood grain finish. ¼ inch in size, they are made to fit in several different types of closets. There are 3 different colorways to choose from: black, white, and brown. Like our other hanger options, they are retail grade and built to last!

No matter which type of hangers you decide to go with, you’ll be one step closer to designing the luxury closet of your dreams!

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