All Hung Up Hangers by Design is all about properly caring for your clothes.  Our hanger designs are unique in shape, construction, and materials which will give you alternatives to perfectly suit your primary and secondary closets. We draw on decades of experience in private label hanger construction for some of the largest brands in the world.  Now in our own brand, All Hung Up, we welcome you to explore our collections and learn what will be best for you.   Here are some helpful concepts.

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

Non-Slip Hangers are really essential for most types of clothing. They work perfectly for hanging silky blouses, dresses and shirts.  All Hung Up uses various non-slip applications including velvet flocking on shoulders, non-slip strips, suede-like allover flocking, and velvet flocking.  Better that clothes stay on the hanger and not on the floor.

Wooden Hangers are the most luxurious choice for your hanger collections.  All Hung Up Luxe Wooden Hangers include designs for coats, women’s suits with padded, non-crease clips for slacks or skirts, and men’s suits with a roll bar for pants.  Our Premier Collection has a 2″ wide shoulder profile with velvet flocking and comes in a variety of finishes and colors.  Our Sueded Luxe Wood Collection feature hangers that are all-over flocked with a rubber coating which has a suede-like feel.  The Slim Luxe Wood Collection is perfect for closets where space is limited and for all tops and bottoms.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”  Coco Chanel

All Hung Up Plastic Hanger Collections provide an important alternative for closets where wooden hangers simply won’t work for either function or budget.  Wood grain plastic hangers provide the look of wood with the economy of plastic and perfect for wet coats, ski clothes, or beach wear.  Our Velvet Hangers are all-over flocked in black velvet and are strong & durable.  The Slim Plastic Collection provide colorful, fun alternatives to brighten any closet.  Our plastic hangers are built to All Hung Up proprietary specifications and will last the test of time.  Other brands make hangers thinner and cheaper – All Hung Up makes them better.

This week, The Wall Street Journal featured a great article on How Custom Closets are the new focal point in home improvement, especially during COVID: People are staying home more which makes them hyper-aware of what needs to be done in their homes to improve upon them.

CLOSETS are becoming the number one priority for most affluent homeowners, and with that these same homeowners are seeking out how to best outfit their new showcases. There are so many new closet accessories coming to market, it is difficult to name them all… but some include luxury safes, luxury shoe racks, and carousels, marble-topped islands, high-end furniture, and lighting to name a few… And I am proud to say that All Hung Up Hangers products have been listed as the Best Wooden Hangers and the Best Coat Hangers by closet professional. Our wooden coat hangers and our plastic hangers can now be found in the closets of starlets, CEOs of hedge funds, and local Miami celebrities.

Having a disorganized closet can be more than a little stressful, especially if you work a high pressured job, or have a long commute, or check if you are not a morning person and have pressed snooze one time too many!

Basically –if you, like all of us, is RUSHED in the morning.
If your closet is in shambles, it is definitely difficult to find the perfect outfit in a hurry. Sure, it’s in there, but where?
A lot of expert organizers suggest having a system, and they will suggest several. However, if you are not the organized type (and clearly from the looks of your closet this morning, this might be the case), it is realistic to think that many of those systems will NOT WORK FOR YOU.

My suggestion is to determine what will work for you. Could it be putting all the same color clothing in one section? Maybe it is having your suits hang up front, while your night clothes (which you will have more time over which to ponder) be put in the back?
Do what works for you, not what the experts “suggest.” If their suggestions do not mesh with who you are, there is a very small likelihood that you will follow any system!

I am not a PROFESSIONAL CLOSET ORGANIZER. I manufacture and sell hangers, and truth be told, I have a very simple system for my closet…Pants on the bottom, shirts on top, dresses on their own rack (I don’t wear suits).
Do you. Do what works.

Obviously you need a place to put all your clothes. A custom closet system is built specifically for your specific personal storage needs. It is best to start with a consultation with a closet expert, whether it be the CLOSET MANUFACTURER or A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER.

This will depend on budgets, space, time, and how many clothes you are trying to get fitted into a certain space.
Regardless if you are starting from scratch or just enhancing the space you have, there are a ton of options out there to keep you organized, including some really cool closet enhancements like a shoe carousel and high reaching closet bars (to create double space) that can come down to eye level with the push of a button (think your local dry cleaners). And of course, don’t forget the hangers!!

As we emerge from COVID 19, take the time to reevaluate your closet. For the last 8 weeks, few of us have emerged from sweatpants, scrubs, our uniforms, or (dare I say) our pajamas. It is now time to GET DRESSED. Personally, I am excited to put on a dress and get back to work. But this is also a great time for me to get back to basics, and shed all those clothes that have not been worn in years.

We talked about this the last time I wrote. I had mentioned that a good way to declutter your closet was to tackle one item at a time. Assuming you did that, it is now time to do a second wave of purging.

We have had 8 weeks off. Slowly, as you embrace your wardrobe again if you put something on that is stained, has been in need of mending for years, does not fit right or any other reason for not wearing it put it in a pile. If it has any kind of LABEL, it is saleable on Poshmark or eBay. You will not get much for it, but you will be helping the planet by recycling.

When it comes to cleaning out a wardrobe closet, the hardest thing is getting started.  One piece of good advice is: don’t think of cleaning out your closet all in one day.  Instead, take an item of clothes, let’s say your jeans, and go through them. I know that most of us women have our SKINNY jeans AND our FAT jeans (and the same for everything else), AND we all know the old adage of getting rid of anything that has not been worn for more than 6 months.  But ladies, let’s all be realistic.  We do need both our SKINNY and FAT CLOTHES.  So, I am going to go against the grain and say, DON’T GET RID OF EVERYTHING, but get rid of stuff you really won’t ever wear again – like those orange stonewashed jeans that ALMOST made a comeback, but didn’t.

I would also go so far as to say that if cleaning out your closet creates anxiety within, purge one item a day (as above), but skip a few days in between.  Think of it as a closet diet.  When we diet, we don’t expect to lose 10 pounds in one day.  We know it should take a month or more.  The same goes for your closet.  If you are cleaning out your closet by yourself, put yourself on a closet diet, taking the necessary time to go through one item at a time – and doing at a pace that will not stress you out.

In the new COVID world, many, many people are staying home. Because of this new reality, people are now more in-tune with their living spaces. I know that I have planted a garden, cleaned my sliding door tracks, rewired my TV so the wires don’t show, and have been trying out new recipes like crazy. I would include reorganizing my closet, but since I am in the hanger business, that has been done for a while.

However, I have heard from many of my followers that have been the FIRST PROJECT that they have tackled, and I have been garnering information from their closet escapades along the way. If you are needing some guidance about reorganizing your closet, there are several sites that I am following for great ideas.

I love ‘Feedspot.” I did a further search for decluttering blogs. I also love “Reddit.” Another favorite one is Ronni Eisenberg’s blog. She is a top professional organizer. She is articulate and to the point. She is an easy read, and super helpful when it comes to all things being organized. In my own blog, I will be recapping some of the highlights of these sites.

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