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Hanger Tips: How to Select the Right Hangers


All Hung Up Hangers by Design is all about properly caring for your clothes.  Our hanger designs are unique in shape, construction, and materials which will give you alternatives to perfectly suit your primary and secondary closets.

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The Benefits of a Customized Closet

Custom boutique-like closets, with their luxury wooden hangers perfectly spaced, and shoe walls that look like they belong in The Met are not just for celebrities these days. A custom closet doesn’t have to break your budget and will offer luxuries that once you’ve gone custom, would be hard to do without.

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Types of Clothes Hangers You Need in Your Closet

organized hangers closet

Are your clothes wrinkly, stretched in odd places, or have unwanted snags or creases? Or is your clothing clean and pressed, neat, and projecting a natural confidence? Perhaps you want to project competence in the workplace, or infuse a social situation with your unique style.

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How to Organize that Beautiful Closet

beautiful closet

If your custom closet is looking a little more chaotic than custom these days, it’s time to consider a change. You could search online and find lovely photos of perfectly brilliant organizing hacks for your closet accessories, new ways to fold and roll your clothes, new uses for your luxury hangers. But no matter how […]

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