Choosing the Right Jacket Hanger

Selecting the proper hanger for your clothing is absolutely essential. Not only will it keep your closet neat and organized, but it will maintain the integrity of the clothing and keep it from looking worn. Jackets are no exception! Luckily, there are plenty of jacket hanger options to suit any weight or material of the coats in your collection.

It can be overwhelming to select the right jacket hanger — there are so many styles to choose from! Whether your outerwear consists of light spring jackets or heavy winter coats, we have the proper hanger to store them. There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to hang up a coat after a long day out and about, only to have it slip right off the hanger and onto your floor. All Hung Up Hangers are created with this in mind while providing an elegant style to store your coats.

Budget Friendly Jacket Hanger


Our Slim Plastic Coat Hangers are a wonderful option that will meet all your needs. Their design is extremely durable while also allowing them to be thin, so they are perfect for organizing your closet when there is a limited amount of space. They also have rubberized non-slip shoulder grips to ensure that none of your jackets wind up on the floor. They come in a variety of colors, and are the perfect complement for any closet aesthetic while also being practical.

We recommend these specifically for lighter jackets, but they can be used for any weight. Despite the thin construction, they are incredibly strong and able to support any sized jacket.

Best Hangers for Your Jackets


Wood hangers, like our Premiere Luxe Wood Coat Hangers, are exceptionally strong and durable. These are the best hangers for your bulkier and denser coverings. Similar to the Slim Plastic Coat Hangers, these also come with shoulder gripping technology to prevent your jackets from falling to the ground. However, our wood hangers use velvet for this feature, as opposed to rubber, making them resistant to slippage in a slightly more glamorous style. These are also able to be monogrammed, making them a lovely unique and personalized gift for anyone in your life.

For your sports coats and suit jackets, you’ll want our Premiere Luxe Wood Suit Hangers with Clips. Not only will they keep both the jacket and trousers neatly together and easily accessible, but solid wood will make it incredibly sturdy. Along with the velvet shoulder grips to prevent your coat from slipping, the rubberized clips will ensure that your suit remains without wrinkles, snags, or markings.

You can also use the clips winter accessories that are typically worn with heavy coats, such as scarves, hats, or gloves. However you choose to use this hanger, it will keep your clothes looking sharp and fresh.

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