Best Coat Closet Organization Tips

Do you hold your breath every time you open your coat closet, hoping you aren’t struck by an avalanche of items tumbling out? Maybe your closet isn’t crammed, but it’s impossible to find that one jacket that matches perfectly with your outfit. These coat closet organization tips are a must for any household. It will make your life easier in so many ways — your morning and evening routines will become effortless and finding just what you’re looking for will be a breeze! We’ll show you some coat closet ideas that will make your space tidy and easily accessible.

Start From Scratch

Take everything out of your coat closet – yes, everything – and spread it out so you have a good view and understanding of what you’re working with. Next, make rules. Haven’t worn it in the last five years? Donate it. Just looking at it makes you sweat? Put it in storage for the colder months.

If an item is really tattered and worn (and can’t be mended), donate or discard it. Bottom line — don’t hold on to anything you don’t need, and don’t allow pieces to linger past their seasonal threshold. And most importantly, if it’s not something that should be in your coat closet, put it where it belongs!

Vacuum and Dust

With your freshly cleaned out closet, there will be plenty of room to get into the nooks and crannies and really polish it up. Wipe down the hanging rod, vacuum the floor (get into those corners!), and dust the shelves. Coat closets are free real estate for unwelcome guests like dead bugs, insect eggs, and spider webs, and a thorough cleaning will help get rid of all of them.

Choose the Correct Hangers

Using the correct hangers is a coat closet organization MUST! For coats, it’s optimal to have sturdy, thick hangers like our Premiere Luxe Wood Coat Hangers. With the 2” wide velvet flocking at the ends, they will ensure that none of your articles slip off and fall to the ground, creating more clutter.

While you should stick to sturdy wooden hangers for coats, skirt hangers — like our Slim Wood Top Hangers with Clips — are a wonderful way to organize your smaller items. Keep all of your scarves, gloves, and hats tidy no matter the season!

Optimize Your Space

Another incredible coat closet organization idea is to use up any extra space for grab-and-go items! A floor shelf is the perfect addition for organizing your shoes and making sure that they aren’t just thrown along the bottom of the closet. This will be a huge help in keeping your coat closet tidy and reducing the frequency in which you have to re-organize it.

Likewise, there is so much space to use on the back of your closet door! Adding over-the-door hooks and storage baskets is one of the best coat closet ideas because they can store a variety of different items. Hang up your dog walking items or the accessories you use most often so you don’t have to dig through anything else when you are in a rush.

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