Top Tips On How To Hang Pants

Although learning how to hang pants isn’t rocket science, there are a few things that you need to know in order to do it well!

You can choose to fold your pants over a quality wooden hanger or you can use a hanger with clips. One isn’t better than the other — whichever option you choose comes down to personal preference. The biggest reason to learn how to hang your pants is that doing so can prevent unnecessary wrinkles. This is great news if you’d like to spend less time ironing ghostwriter wien your clothes, and more time enjoying them.

If you’ve always folded your pants in the past, this article is for you. There isn’t anything technically wrong with organizing your clothing in drawers or on shelves – we’re just saying that there is a better way! Below you’ll find our top tips on how to hang pants.

What To Keep In Mind When Hanging Pants

The most important thing to keep in mind when hanging pants is to make sure you’re using the right hangers. As mentioned, you should drape your pants over a wooden hanger, or you could invest in an option with clips.

If avoiding your iron is the goal, opt for specially seminararbeit schreiben lassen made hangers with clips for pants. As your trousers will hang straight down, gravity will work in your favor and help prevent any wrinkles from appearing. Clip hangers ensure that your pants remain almost completely wrinkle-free.

You may notice small marks on the waistline from the clips, but you can easily iron these out in under a minute. You could also place an index card between the clip and your trousers to prevent any marks!

Remember that no matter which hanger you decide to use, you should always fold your pants in half vertically, and keep the buttons unbuttoned. They will hang better this way!

The Best Way To Hang Pants

Choose between the methods below for the best way to hang pants based on each style of hanger.

If you’re using a wooden hanger with a roll bar: 

  1. Fold your pants vertically so that the back pockets are on the outside and the front pockets are on the inside.
  2. Place your hanger on your closet rod for added stability.
  3. Drape your folded (and unbuttoned!) pants over the hanger’s roll bar. Your pants should now be folded down lengthwise, with the cuffs and waistband touching.
  4. Adjust your pants as necessary so that they lay evenly across the roll bar.

If you’re using a hanger with clips: 

  1. Fold your pants vertically so that the back pockets are on the outside and the front pockets are on the inside. If you want to save even more space, you can also fold them vertically and then horizontally. In this case, you’ll clip at the knee instead of the waistline.
  2. Clip your trousers at the waistline or the knees, depending on personal preference and closet space. If your hanger has small teeth on the clips, place an index card in between the clip and the fabric to prevent wrinkling or indentations.

The Savile Row Fold: How To Hang Pants Without Wrinkling Them

You may have also heard of a pants folding tactic called the “Savile Row Fold.” It’s a trick that professional tailors have been using for years, and we have to admit – it’s a wonderful hack against wrinkles!

To do it, you’ll need a standard clothes hanger. We suggest that you opt for a wooden hanger or a velvet hanger. Just make sure whichever option jura hausarbeit ghostwriter you choose has a horizontal roll bar or dowel. 

How to do the Savile Row Fold:

  1. Place your hanger of choice on your closet rod.
  2. Hold your trousers upside down so that you’re holding the cuffs. Hold one pant leg in each hand.
  3. While holding the cuff, drape one Ghostwriter pant leg over the horizontal bar so that the waistband is facing downwards. Pull the leg down over the bar so that its cuff touches the crotch of the pants.
  4. Drape the other pant leg over the one that is already ghostwriter Husarbeit over the bar, and pull it down as you did with the other side. Make sure that everything hangs evenly.

This method not only prevents wrinkles, but it ensures that your trousers stay put!

No matter which method you choose, your hangers play a huge role. Start with a quality hanger, and the rest will follow!

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