Having a disorganized closet can be more than a little stressful, especially if you work a high pressured job, or have a long commute, or check if you are not a morning person and have pressed snooze one time too many!

Basically –if you, like all of us, is RUSHED in the morning.
If your closet is in shambles, it is definitely difficult to find the perfect outfit in a hurry. Sure, it’s in there, but where?
A lot of expert organizers suggest having a system, and they will suggest several. However, if you are not the organized type (and clearly from the looks of your closet this morning, this might be the case), it is realistic to think that many of those systems will NOT WORK FOR YOU.

My suggestion is to determine what will work for you. Could it be putting all the same color clothing in one section? Maybe it is having your suits hang up front, while your night clothes (which you will have more time over which to ponder) be put in the back?
Do what works for you, not what the experts “suggest.” If their suggestions do not mesh with who you are, there is a very small likelihood that you will follow any system!

I am not a PROFESSIONAL CLOSET ORGANIZER. I manufacture and sell hangers, and truth be told, I have a very simple system for my closet…Pants on the bottom, shirts on top, dresses on their own rack (I don’t wear suits).
Do you. Do what works.