What Should Be Stored in a Hall Closet

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the very first step in organizing your hall closet is simply asking yourself: What should I store in my hallway closet?

It’s true that you can store anything you need to in your hall closet, from outerwear and bags to shoes and extra cleaning supplies. But this question is helpful to consider before you head off to the store to purchase new closet organization shelves, invest in an organization system, or even bust out your DIY tools. This is because it can be helpful to pare down what you really need to store in your small hall closet and find other solutions for the other items.

Maybe some of your shoes can be moved into the garage, or maybe you have enough basement storage to store winter coats, hats, and scarves during the warmer months. The key is to have your hall closet as organized and streamlined as possible at any given time.

What you store in your hallway closet is ultimately up to you, but ensuring your closet isn’t stuffed to the brim with unnecessary items will help make your life easier when it comes time to implement these organization tips.



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