The Top 3 Design Benefits of All Hung Up Hangers’ Wood Collections

by Donna Zalter

We hope you’ll become as obsessed by our wood hanger collections as we are!

We love these hangers because we’ve made the high-end design differences noticeable.

1. They feel good. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your first top-tier wood hanger purchase from All Hung Up Hangers. They feel like no other hanger because we’ve designed them like no other hanger! Our finish is silky to the touch. No rough wood patches that could damage your valued garments. These are high-end hangers that feel high-end too!

2. They care for your clothing. Have you ever hung up a garment only to discover it look like it’s been worn when you take it out of the closet? Our wood hangers come in 3 designs to assure you purchase the hanger designed for the job! Our hangers offer ample velvet flocked ends or stay-put strips so garments stay in place, non-crease clips, and rollbars designed for minimal creasing.

3. The strength and reliability of solid wood. You’ll never have to wonder if your hanger can handle the weight of your garments. Made from solid wood, our hangers can take on winter coats as well as the weightiest of bejeweled evening wear. You no longer have to worry if your hanger can handle your garment.

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