As we emerge from COVID 19, take the time to reevaluate your closet. For the last 8 weeks, few of us have emerged from sweatpants, scrubs, our uniforms, or (dare I say) our pajamas. It is now time to GET DRESSED. Personally, I am excited to put on a dress and get back to work. But this is also a great time for me to get back to basics, and shed all those clothes that have not been worn in years.

We talked about this the last time I wrote. I had mentioned that a good way to declutter your closet was to tackle one item at a time. Assuming you did that, it is now time to do a second wave of purging.

We have had 8 weeks off. Slowly, as you embrace your wardrobe again if you put something on that is stained, has been in need of mending for years, does not fit right or any other reason for not wearing it put it in a pile. If it has any kind of LABEL, it is saleable on Poshmark or eBay. You will not get much for it, but you will be helping the planet by recycling.