Frequently Asked Questions

We will do our best to make sure that does not happen, as all our orders are hand packed and inspected. However, if a hanger or hangers come damaged, you should email us a picture of the damaged good, and we will either reimburse you the money or send you a replacement, whichever you would prefer.

Only full orders may be exchanged for a full-refund. We cannot take partial orders as returns. All orders will have 30 days after receipt o be returned.

No. We try to make the whole process easy. You will be able to track your order though.

We have warehousing in Florida. We will ship everywhere and anywhere – in the US and Canada. Please be aware that if we ship to Canada, you will be responsible for the duties.

Yes. However, our items are bulky so the cost for premium shipping is very pricy. We do not cover expedited shipping prices.

We ship all orders UPS Ground. Please allow a few days for shipping, depending where you are in the country.

You have 24 hours before the order is picked from our warehouse. Please call us or email us to correct the order. Alternatively, you may cancel the order and start a new one on line.

On orders of $200 or more, we will include the shipping. On orders under $200, it is a flat rate shipping fee of $20.00.

We can provide free samples of one of each style, HOWEVER, shipping is not included.

We have pre-established set sizes. Our minimum order is 6 hangers for any of these sets.

As long as the hangers are subjected to normal usage, they should last a lifetime. These are retail grade hangers, and are therefore designed to be handled a lot.

The obvious answer is as many as it takes to fill your closet. That being said, closets come in many shapes and sizes, so we like to adhere to a ratio versus a set number. Because of our experience in the retail trade, we know that is approximately 70 top hangers to 30 bottom hangers (70/30). We include our suit hangers as “bottom hangers.” A typical first order for a master closet is 400 hangers. I know that seems like a lot, but we challenge you to count your current hangers. You will be surprised.

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