Wood Grain Premium Plastic Top Hangers with Clips


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12 $4.50 $54.00
24 $4.50 $108.00
36 $4.50 $162.00
48 $4.50 $216.00
60 $4.00 $240.00
72 $4.00 $288.00
84 $3.50 $294.00
100 $3.50 $350.00


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Tired of your clothes falling off the hanger?

All Hung Up Hangers are non-slip with flocked or rubberized shoulders, notched for thin straps, or gummy coated.

Upgrade your closet’s swagger today!

We design and manufacture our own unique hanger collections inspired by decades of hanger experience. We embrace a code of ethics and honesty for our employees and customers in the aspiration of creating a wonderful experience for everyone.

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High Quality Wood Grain Premium Plastic Top Hangers

Love the look of wood hangers, but want to pay a fraction of the price?


Luxury Wood Grain Premium Plastic Top Hangers

Try All Hung Up Hangers’ PLASTIC wood grain hangers. Simulated to look like wood, but much less expensive.