This week, The Wall Street Journal featured a great article on How Custom Closets are the new focal point in home improvement, especially during COVID: People are staying home more which makes them hyper-aware of what needs to be done in their homes to improve upon them.

CLOSETS are becoming the number one priority for most affluent homeowners, and with that these same homeowners are seeking out how to best outfit their new showcases. There are so many new closet accessories coming to market, it is difficult to name them all… but some include luxury safes, luxury shoe racks, and carousels, marble-topped islands, high-end furniture, and lighting to name a few… And I am proud to say that All Hung Up Hangers products have been listed as the Best Wooden Hangers and the Best Coat Hangers by closet professional. Our wooden coat hangers and our plastic hangers can now be found in the closets of starlets, CEOs of hedge funds, and local Miami celebrities.